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Building and Construction by itself has been the center of attention of greatest number of private sector investors in Iran and tens of thousands of companies and individuals are active in this field in the country. Over 20000 professional visitors will not miss the chance to visit IRAN BUILDEX. Organizer's extensive publicity programs and purposeful plans to arrange for this Exhibition to coincide will further broaden the range of visitors to include:
- Private Sector Investors in Building construction
- Top Managers and high ranking authorities of Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Energy and other state offices 
- Civil Engineers working on numerous construction projects in the country
- Managers of the State offices in charge of mass construction of residential areas 
- Wholesalers of construction materials who are seeking to represent the international brands in local market
- Architects who design the buildings for private and state employers
- Workshop managers of the huge construction projects
- Consulting Engineers of Civil and Electrical Projects
- Managers of life environment protection organizations and offices who decide on building technologies to be supported and promoted as environment friendly technologies
- International and local visitors of IRAN BUILDEX

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